White Gloves, Red Carpets

Turning Candidates Into Customers!

February 5, 2021


Episode 9 of "White Gloves, Red Carpets" proudly features Nicole Mattei, a former director of human resources. Nicole and Bryan discuss the opportunity to turn job candidates into customers. She is a graduate of Drexel University School of Business, holds several professional HR certifications, and speaks fluent Spanish! (I apologize in advance for my bad Spanish). 

Have you ever been ghosted by a company when applying to work there? Have you felt the shame of being ignored by a company? Are you likely to do business with them again after that horrible experience? Probably not! Companies have a real opportunity to tap into a forgotten customer base: their job candidates. 

Join Nicole and Bryan as they discuss this issue, especially during the COVID-19 era. Candidates are people too! They deserve respect and dignity! And you might just turn them into a loyal customer! Be sure to join this great episode that will surely ruffle a few feathers in the traditional HR world!

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