White Gloves, Red Carpets

It’s not magic. Its method!

February 19, 2021


Episode 11 of "White Gloves, White Carpets" proudly features "The Mouse Man" himself, Lenn Millbower. He is a former leader at Disney and has written several books, including Care Like a Mouse. He has written for the Disney Institute, has been involved in the operations for several Disney parks, and even wrote the training guide on how to be Snow White!

Have you ever wondered how organizations like Disney provide amazing, even borderline magical experiences for their guests? Well, it does not require Tinkerbell's pixy dust or Aladdin's magic lamp. It is simply using process and method to adapt, grow and change. It requires great leadership and humility to reveal and heal the problems within the organization. Finally, it is looking at your current process and seeing areas to improve upon.

Join Bryan and Lenn, and even a special guest appearance from Mickey Mouse himself, as they discuss this topic from a true customer experience expert!

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