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Who is your customer?

Who is your customer?

January 15, 2021


John Hansen, customer experience author and business development director, will answer the ever-important question of "Who is your customer?"

Traditionally, many business owners think a customer is simply one who exchanges money for their product or service. However, that could not be further from the truth! It is that and so much more! From the Old English word "accustomed", customers come in every shape, size, and color. They expect not only quality products, but an outstanding level of service to match!

Join Bryan and John as they discuss this fascinating topic!



Accountability& Customer Experience

Accountability& Customer Experience

January 8, 2021



Episode 6 of "White Gloves, Red Carpets" proudly features Matthew Harriman, founder of Pod2, an employee culture development organization. 

Every member of your organization is responsible for providing a world-class customer experience. Sadly, when a company fails to adopt a mindset of accountability, service levels suffer and your customers will feel it.

The late Tony Hsieh of Zappos said affirmed this principle when he said, "Every member of the team is responsible for a world-class experience, not just the customer-facing employees." Join Bryan and Matt as they discuss this important customer service topic!



The ROI of Gratitude

The ROI of Gratitude

December 18, 2020


I apologize for the crying in advance. This podcast went in a direction I did not plan (in a good way). This podcast was very emotional. As much as I have enjoyed our many beautiful guests thus far, I have to say this one has touched me in a very special way. 

Episode 5 of "White Gloves, Red Carpets" will feature Kristin Petrucci who will discuss the ROI of showing gratitude. 

How often do companies genuinely say "thank you" to their customers and actually mean it? When was the last time you expressed true appreciation to your employees for a job well done?

Kristin will unlock these secrets and more! This is a fantastic episode to lead us into this  Christmas/Hannukah week. 

“Your culture defines your level of service!”

“Your culture defines your level of service!”

December 11, 2020


Episode 4 of "Whites Gloves, Red Carpets" will feature Eric Aroca, CEO of The Aroca Group, a consulting firm dedicated to building employee culture.

It has been said by Sir Richard Branson, "My first priority is not my customers; it is my employees. If I treat my employees great, they will treat my clients great!".

Positive employee culture is essential in today's workplaces. Treating internal customers with the same level of respect as your external customers is key. 

In this episode, Eric and Bryan discuss the importance of productive and positive employee culture, empowerment, the difference between culture and perks, and so much more!

This is a great episode for anyone in the human resources field, as well as all business owners and customer experience professionals. 

More Clients, More Cash: 5 secrets for delivering amazing customer service

More Clients, More Cash: 5 secrets for delivering amazing customer service

December 3, 2020


Episode 3 of "White Gloves, Red Carpets" proudly features Yvonne A. Jones, founder of 50 and Wiser Coaching. 

The key to unlocking increased sales is not a complex formula. It is, in reality, very simple! Treat your customers right, and they will spend more money with you. But how do companies train and enable their employees to do just that?

Join Yvonne and Bryan as they discuss these simple but powerful secrets to unlocking greater cash flow and standing out from your competition!

Word of Mouth Service: The art of delivering amazing customer experiences.

Word of Mouth Service: The art of delivering amazing customer experiences.

November 26, 2020


Episode 2 of "White Gloves, Red Carpets" will feature Jesse B. Good, CEO of Aprendy, and will be discussing the importance of word of mouth advertising and why exceeding customer expectations is crucial to generating return business. 

Word of mouth business is the best form of advertising. When you treat your customers great, they will actively engage with their friends and family, as well as through social media, to rave about your business. A scientific study found that while 80% of company CEO's believe their organization is providing great customer service, only 8% of customers actually agree. In other words, companies have a long way to go. 

This will be a great podcast to download this Thanksgiving weekend as you're lounging on the couch. So grab some coffee, a piece of pumpkin pie, and enjoy! 

Prego: It’s not just a pasta sauce!

Prego: It’s not just a pasta sauce!

November 19, 2020


Joining me today for the DEBUT episode of "White Gloves, Red Carpets" is Cristóvão Silva. He is my friend and colleague from LinkedIn and is the Guest Experience Director for a luxury chain of Portuguese hotels. 


In today's episode, we will be discussing the essence of "prego", the Italian cultural concept of warmly welcoming people into your presence. Cristóvão shares with us how we can transfer this spirit of welcome so that guests and customers feel welcome and will want to come back. Further, he will share with us his beliefs on employee empowerment, the culture of saying "Yes!", and examples of going above and beyond to create moments of wow for his guests 

This is guaranteed to be innovative, inspiring, and informative. 

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